A stunning and luxurious 5 bedroom mansion with three en-suite bedrooms, a family room and a dining area. This mansion has a plinth area 215sqm. 

PRICE: On Application

Koto house designs


CHATA 2 Bedroom House

AMARA  2 Bedroom House

LEKAN 3 Bedroom House

ROTUNDU (2 Br House)

KOROSI (3BR House)












LESATIMA (4BR Luxurious House)

WATI (4BR Luxurious House)

KILIMANJARO (5BR Luxurious House)




Ideal for a 1/4 acre parcel of land

1. Hostels on one Level with shared facilities

2. Hostels on one Level with self contained cubicles

3. A four storey block of hostels with shared facilities

4. A four storey block of hostels with self contained cubicles


A model Single Storey KOTO school ideal for a 1 acre parcel of land 

A model Double Storey KOTO School Ideal for 1 Acre piece of land